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Free Phone Number Extractor – to Use or Not to Use?

What is Phone Number Extractor?

It’s obvious that technology has made our business easier and more enjoyable.  Telephone is an old and ordinary method of business communication compared with Email and social apps as modern digital innovations. However the significance of telephone communication cannot be ignored and many believe that the power of human voice on telephone is stronger than thousand messages. Even if you write an influencive message for a customer which is appropriate in terms of size, content and formality with enough attached pictures, documents and films, it cannot be as effective as a simple telephone conversation. Many of these messages are not seen by the receiver as lots of spam and advertisements are received through Email and messengers, many are seen but not read and many are both seen and read but do not gain the trust!

The first benefit of telephone conversation is to be sure that your audience has received your message. Phone calls are a good opportunity to represent your goal, shape the best picture of your company in the client’s mind and make a strong relationship with him. Both business parties save their time and waste no time in traffic for a face-to-face meeting and no need for meeting facilities.  Of course this is the advantage for parties in one city, if they are in different cities or countries; it’s better to call it a super advantage! Telephone conversations play the role of face-to-face meetings for people in two different cities or countries. Two way dialogs in phone calls is a good way of disambiguation by quick questions and answers. You have to wait for responses through Emails or messengers but in phone calls you ask and transfer whatever you wish rapidly. Due to all advantages of business calls, phone number extractors were released to develop many phone numbers related to your business in few minutes. Phone number extractor is a business facilitation tool, helping any person in need of phone numbers for his specific goal. Imagine a trader in your country who wants to buy tomato directly from farmers, packs them and then exports to neighboring countries. He has a list of well-known tomato farmers of his country. As most of the tomato farmers are not located in the trader’s city, it’s difficult for him to visit them one by one. Sending messages by Email and through messengers are also time consuming as he is in a hurry. So he decides to use a phone number extractor and call the provided phone numbers directly. If he choose a professional phone number extractor, easily can get connected with real tomato producers, no time required to talk with fake and unreal ones.

Stop Wasting your Time by Free Phone Number Extractors!

Although phone number extractors are designed to manage your business time, free phone number extractors are not! As mentioned, many businessmen still persists on phone calls as a powerful method of marketing. By a simple search in Google, you see how many useless free phone number extractors have grown up. Why do we call them useless? It’s clear, because they do not certify to provide reliable information for you. After a long time you spend on calling many unrelated phone numbers and wasting your time, how can you complain from the provider of the free phone number extractor as you paid no money for this service? Will the free phone number extractor support you after you get no valuable result!? Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. You lost both your time and energy by calling many unrelated or fake people and gave a good chance to your competitor to win the contract! Don’t be worried! We offer you the best phone number extractor of the market that not only collects, verifies and organizes the phone numbers but also guarantees to provide premium, reliable and secure results. Read more about this fantastic international phone number extractor designed and performed by on the next part this article.

Why does Expand Internationally? claims to provide only reliable data through various services including phone number extractor, LinkedIn profile extractor, Facebook profile extractor, Instagram profile extractor, Email extractor and so on. Our experts located in various parts of the world, use the latest technology to add any helpful new information to our database and update the old data as soon as any change happens. What make the’s phone number extractor different from free phone number extractors are mentioned bellow:

  • Quality is our first priority! aims to prepare authentic and reliable data. Collecting related numbers is the introduction of our job! Our phone number extractor verifies all numbers, eliminates invalid ones and gives a list of authentic numbers related to the client’s purpose what free phone number extractors do not!
  •’s phone number extractor only provides the latest and newest phone numbers of your desired companies’ main office, branch offices, factories and cell phones of all members of the company.
  • Our phone number extractor organizes the collected numbers in any type of group that you wish. It’s obvious that a classified list of phone numbers according to country, city, year of establishment and etc. well save your time.
  • Last but not least, our phone number extractor is ready to provide all the numbers in couple of seconds! Combination of knowledge and experience provides both quality and speed, what distinguishes ours from other free phone number extractors. is your first assistant in all steps of your business, if you want to find any kind of information like companies’ phone numbers, address, Email and etc.; we are ready to provide the following services for you at the shortest possible time:

  • Email Extractor: businesses never can forget the effect of Emails as a relatively old method of communication which is fast, easy and allows the sender to attach files. An importer in search of exporters’ Emails, a department store in need of producers’ Emails or a student in search of colleges’ Emails can all use our Email extractor. Any individual or company in need of Emails for his goal can trust our professional Email extractor.
  • Instagram Profile Extractor: Instagram is one of heavily trafficked places on the internet. Millions of people active on Instagram caused businesses to enumerate it as one the leading advertising tools. Many Instagram users make purchase decisions based on what they see in Instagram so if you still do not use it, you are missing out! Our Instagram profile extractor is ready to provide any kind of information that you like to extract from Instagram.
  • Facebook Profile Extractor: the impact of Facebook on our day to day lives is obvious for everyone. Facebook as a social media giant attracts many companies to introduce themselves and show their achievements to millions of audiences. Our Facebook Profile extractor is designed professionally to detect any kind of information that the client needs in two seconds.  
  • LinkedIn Profile Extractor: in the past few years LinkedIn has gone from strength to strength. Today it is not only a platform where employers and employees can find each other but is a valuable database for companies to demonstrate their abilities, success and prosperities. With more than half a billion members of LinkedIn in 200 countries, it’s time to apply our LinkedIn profile extractor to extract the contacts of companies or individuals in few minutes.

How Phone Number Extractor Helps your Business?

We are living in a world of speed! Any business that coordinates itself with the world’s speed is the winner! Good time management allows you to fulfill more in a specific period of time. Successful businessmen make effort to manage their time more effectively by using all technology tools, from a simple phone conversation and Emails to social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. designed many tools to simplify the application of all these technology tools and allow the businessmen to manage their time in fast-paced business world of today. Both small and big businesses have endless amount of work to accomplish in limited time, first to grow their business rapidly and latter to retain their value.  Email extractor, phone number extractor, Facebook profile extractor, Instagram profile extractor and LinkedIn profile extractor are some of the major tools created by with the aim of helping new businesses to strengthen fast and old businesses to keep their rank and quality and even improve it more. All things considered, don’t forget that numerous free tools available on the internet not only do not save the time but also wastes it! Calling many wrong phone numbers provided by a free phone number extractor isn’t a matter of wasting time? It is very embarrassing when you understand that many companies or individuals that you called are not related to your purpose at all! You need to talk with producers of cosmetics based in London but mistakenly call many importers or traders of cosmetic located in UK, not specifically in London. It’s the mistake of the free phone number extractor that you choose but frankly you also made a mistake to rely on a free phone number extractor. You paid nothing so how can you inquire reliable and unique data? provides the best phone number extractor for all clients at affordable prices.  Our precious information and reliable contacts can easily change your small business to a big one with minimum price. Test the best phone number extractor provided by, a source of quality and premium services at best competitive prices. We are here to make you the winner, trust us!

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